Hi, I'm Bianca

I'm a trained holistic therapist and an energy worker. My aim is to enhance a feel good, relaxing and positive vibe. For you to feel good about yourself. Working on your mind, body, soul and spirit. 

I offer a range of holistic treaments which can be tailored to your needs to achieve this.

So why not book in with me and have yourself pampered.

On arrival we will have short chat about the process and treatment you are receiving, and answer any questions. I will cleanse the area before and after any of our treatments, this helps for possitive energy to move around us, and at the end to clear away any negative energies away that has been released.

I also do a wide variety of energy work from manifestations, tarot, tasseography divination, 1:1 self work sessions such as healing, guidance, spiritual healing, Reiki Seichem, and more

I'm also special needs friendly, so please dont be affraid to contact me with queries. I have hands on experince caring for wide range of abilities and a mother to two special boys. We all deserve to be pampered.