Swedish Full Body Massage

A Swedish body massage is relaxing for the mind body and soul. It increases oxygen flow and releases toxins from your muscles. It eases back pain and muscular tension. Swedish Massage also releases your endorphins you happy hormones.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Just like the full body massage, it is a relaxing massage that concentrates of the back, neck and shoulder.  Deep pressure massage which concentrates on releasing pain and tension. It releases endorphins your feel good hormones.


Hot Stone Massage

Extremely therapeutic and relaxing massage. The hot stones gently deep impacts into the muscles but without the pain. Only total relaxation.

Hot stone massage uses smooth heated stones, massaging over the body using warm oils. The heat and weight of the stones warms and relaxes the muscles. Releasing pain and tension.

Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing massage tailored for a pregnant lady. Releasing pain and tension and giving the sense of relaxation. This treatment is offered after the first trimester. This treatment has mummy feeling relaxed and much tension released, freeing your mind and uplifting your spirit.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage concentrates on the upper back, neck and head area. A variety of movements are used to relieve tension and to stimulate circulation as well as release stress. A very therapeutic treatment, which is good for making you feel calm, peaceful and tranquility.


Holistic Hopi Ear Candling

The Hopi Candle acts like a chimney, revitalising heat upon the head and earsm soothing, releives and relaxes. The ear candle pulls wax and impurities out of the ear. It also helps clearing your sinus, along with other benefits. The treatment is performed using a candle in each ear,. It is then finished off with a lymphatic facial.

Luxury Holistic Facial

Luxury Holistic Facial. This facial consists of deep cleansing the face, toning, massage and face mask.

It is a fantastic treatment for releasing toxins in the face area, it has many benefits giving the face a replenish refreshed glow. The treatment also includes a shoulder and mini hand massage. Working the full top areas from shoulders, chest and face area. Having you feeling and looking completely refreshed.

Holistic Express Facial

Express 30 min facial concentrates of the face area, releasing toxins and the endorphins your happy feel good hormones.

I will awaken the muscles in your face, getting your face ready for the massage. Using infused oil, leaving your face glowing, rejuvenated and refreshed.


Thai Hand & Foot Massage

Thai Hand and Foot Massage uses pressure to particular areas of the hands and feet. This massage stimulates certain areas , releasing blocked energy within the body's Sens lines. 

We will begin by soaking your feet in warm water infused with essential oils. I will give your feet a light massage to wake then up, preparing them for your thai massage.

Reiki Seichem

Reiki Seichem energies work with channeling healing abilities, it eases the emotions and relaxes the mind. This helps to stop the constant mind chatter bringing a sense relief and relaxation. Reiki helps with a variety of issues. Such as sleep, depression, anxiety and so on.

We would start off with verbal therapy (this is your choice), just by talking to somebody in a safe space releases so much weight. Next I will get you comfy laid down and wrapped up safe. Guiding you into relaxation. Once I feel you are in relaxation I will then begin the Reiki with guidance from my guides and spirits. 

You will be gently brought back around giving time to lay still for a moment. With an opportunity to speak on what you experienced and should you have any questions.

Himalayan Salt Massage

Beautiful treatment using Himalayan salt stones. So many benefits. When the salt stones are warmed up they give of negative ions. The salt stones soothes the tension and stress away. Increasing sense of well being and lifted spirit. The stones gently exfoliate, leaving your skin silky and smooth. They also improve sleep and balance the the central nervous system, boosts bone health and helps promote healthy blood sugar. It can also reduce the signs of aging. 

I would recommend this massage for energy workers like myself. As it is very grouding for our energies.

Luxury Foot Therapy Session

Revitalise your feet with this tailored treatment. Having your feet soaked in relaxing warm water infused with fresh mint, milk and flowers. Sit back and relax to having your feet, lower legs scrubbed using Wild Mint and Tea Tree foot scrub. Followed by massage to hydrate your lower legs and feet. Your feet will then be put in foot mask, then placed in warm booties. Finished off nails shaped, with a shiny buff.